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01 DEC



Considered by many to be the best tribute band to Nirvana, the Spanish THE BUZZ LOVERS are back to the biggest show venue in Portugal - Altice Arena.

With thousands of dedicated fans, hundreds of sold-out shows and an unparalleled stage presence, the lovers of buzz are more than a tribute band... They are a complete NIRVANA experience.

Why can't you miss out on this concert?

- THE BUZZ LOVERS creates amazing, unparalleled concerts that no NIRVANA fand can miss out on;
- Having been on tour for 7 years, THE BUZZ LOVERS performed in several cities in the Iberian Peninsula and in the biggest European festivals;
- 4x more followers than the second leading NIRVANA tribute band in Spain;
- Almost 6x more followers proportionally than the leading band in the US;
- Constant acclaim from fans in social media asking for more concerts;
- Presence and desire for new concert locations.

THE BUZZ LOVERS is a tribute band to NIRVANA that not only creates the music and sound of the Seattle trio, but also skillfully recreates their image and energy. With subtlety, nuance and skill, the band gets the public connected to the concert, the moment and the state of mind as closely as possible. The show takes the public back to the beginning of the 90s, when NIRVANA were changing the essence of rock. From the sound of the first chords, the public's emotion and energy are palpable.

THE BUZZ LOVERS skillfully pays tribute to NIRVANA. Cobain, Novoselic and Grohl became the flag-bearers of a generation that fought against the system, and BUZZ fans are taking this flag forward, instilling songs like "Rape Me" and "In Bloom" with the destruction and hedonism NIRVANA is famous for.

A countless number of successful concerts are evidence of the quality of THE BUZZ LOVERS. The trio has spent the last seven years in constant tours throughout Spain and Portugal. They have also performed in festivals, including En Vivo Madrid, En Vivo Bilbao, Primavera Trompetera and Viña Rock – all in front of big crowds. “Spontaneous moshpits”, fans jumping onto the stage and a general fever of emotion are mere routine in all their concerts. Basically, the audience is transported to a real NIRVANA concert.

Hundreds of videos with thousands of views, countless photos and all the testimonials prove that THE BUZZ LOVERS are not only the best tribute band to NIRVANA but also one of the best tribute bands in Europe.


Tribute to PEARL JAM

Pearl Band is a band dedicated to pay tribute to one of the world's biggest rock bands, Pearl Jam. Pearl Band are constituted by 4 elements that spent their youth years exactly when Seattle's grunge boomed, projecting bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees, among others, to the world's music stage. It was also around the beginning of the 90s that the musical adventure of Pearl Band's 4 members started, having been in several projects, some of which have ended and some are still playing today, like Alcoolémia, dr. Estranho Amor, and Mascra.

In 2008, Pedro Madeira (guitar and vocals - Alcoolémia / Dr. Estranho amor) and João Beato (vocals and guitar – Alcoolemia), and two long-time friends, Nuno Pereira (bassist – self made men) and Paulo Antunes (drummer - Mascra and Shift), decided to start this tribute, with complete training to proceed with their selection and rehearsal of countless success songs.

At the moment, Pearl Band performs throughout Portugal, mainland and islands.

We count on you to be a part of our Pearl band family, integrated in the huge world family of Pearl jam's fans and friends. "Led by the unmistakable and charismatic voice of Eddie Veder, sorry, João Beato, Pearl Band are the most talked about tribute band."

Since 2008 and over 500 concerts, Pearl Band have drawn and conquered thousands of Pearl Jam fans, from the north to the south of the country and islands, fans who are dying to listen and experience live the powerful and emotional rock of Pearl Jam - one of the most beloved rock bands in Portugal.

Over the two-hour show that includes 25 of the most famous Pearl Jam singles, Pearl Band commit to the concert and deliver a powerful performance, almost undistinguishable from the true authors of Even Flow, Jeremy or Daughter. This is an opportunity to revisit 23 years of Pearl Jam's rock history - from the nonconformist 90s to the maturity of 00s, passing by the continuous reinvention of Pearl Jam's music in Lightning Bolt.
As one of the most popular tribute bands in Portugal, Pearl Band were chosen to perform beside one of the world's most famous tribute bands, Dios Salve la Reina (tribute to Queen), in two sold-out shows in Campo Pequeno and Coliseu do Porto.

More recently, they have surprised an absolute Pearl jam fan and broadcaster Vanda Miranda in the studios of Rádio Comercial, with an accoustic set that will certainly be ingrained in the listeners's memory.

Nothing new, for a tribute band who is used to surprise the most diverse audiences, be it by their technical skills, be it for how faithful they are to the sound and message of Pearl Jam.


Pontos de Venda: 18 20 (24h);; Lojas MEO; Lojas FNAC; Lojas WORTEN;; El Corte Inglés; ABEP; Bilheteira MEO Arena (em dias de evento na MEO Arena); Turismo de Lisboa; ACP; Lojas SaltPay; Campo Pequeno; IT Tabacarias; Turismo de Cascais; Multiusos de Guimarães; Altice Forum Braga



From 25€ to 30€


01 December 20h00
Show Duration 180 minutes
Minimum Age 6 years
Starting date for Ticket Sales 08-05-2023 18:35
Ending date for Ticket Sales 02-12-2023 01:00
Promoter Crumbsevents

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