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General Rules

General Rules

The entrance authorisation may be conditioned to prior inspections by the competent authorities of personal property, body search or screening test. The entrance will be refused to any person that behaves in a violent, aggressive way or contrary to public order.

The entrance of people with objects that may be considered dangerous or accompanied by animals, with the exception of guide dogs, will not be allowed.

The entrance to the room is not allowed while the event is taking place, unless otherwise stated to the assistants.

In the enclosure, it’s expressly prohibited to:
- sell or offer any political, promotional, commercial material or objects considered dangerous;
- bring food;
- bring professional cameras or any image or sound recorders;
- smoke, according to existing legislation.

The event’s programme can be changed due to unforeseen reasons.

The date’s alteration or event’s cancellation are exclusive responsibility of the promoter. In case of cancellation, the promoter is committed to, by his/ her own means, return the value of the tickets during a period of 30 days from the scheduled date.