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23 NOV



Announced for LAV – Lisboa ao Vivo, the return of the legendary German band to Portugal on November 23, will take place in Tejo Hall at MEO Arena.

At the end of the 90s, there was nothing like them: GUANO APES shook every stadium, festival and big venue where they played their mixture of riffs rock, hip hop sounds and Sarah Nasic's distinct voice. Nothing has changed since. Due to the high demand for tickets for their long-awaited return to Portugal, still on November 23, the show previously set for LAV – Lisboa Ao Vivo is now taking place in Tejo Hall at MEO Arena, in Lisbon. This change now allows fans who didn't manage to get an entry ticket before to now join and experience classic hits like «Lord Of The Boards», «Open Your Eyes» and «Big In Japan».

The tickets previously acquired for the concert at LAV – Lisboa Ao Vivo are still valid for the concert in Tejo hall at MEO Arena.

Famous for the breathtaking energy of their live performances, GUANO APES have become a true phenomenom of popularity since the 90s. The huge success of the singles «Lords Of The Boards» and «Open Your Eyes» turned their debut album «Proud Like A God» into one of the most successful debut albums of 1997. Two years later, its successor «Don't Give Me Names» solidified the band's position as one of the most popular German alternative rock bands of its generation internationally.

With their songs being cherished by fans worldwide, GUANO APES have adopted since the turn of the millennium a more relaxed attitude instead of submitting to market mechanisms. In more recent years, they have only performed on stage when their "inner ape" is ticking. From that moment onwards, it is all about pure ecstasy, and those who were lucky enough to see them in their first post-pandemic tour know all about it. From the keynotes of «You Can't Stop Me» to their top hits, the four artists give free rein to the wild animal they have inside and shake their audience with an unstoppable force.

Doors open at: 8pm
Show begins at: 9pm


A primeira parte do muito aguardado regresso de Guano Apes, a Portugal e em nome próprio, ficará a cargo da belga ISE, que embarca na “Free The Monkey Tour” com honras de convidada especial.
ISE deu os seus primeiros passos como cantora e compositora em 2022, com apenas 16 anos na altura.
Munida de uma guitarra e de um desejo insaciável de se exprimir através de letras e melodias, cria canções que ressoam emoções.
Uma das características que definem a ISE é a sua voz inconfundível e única, contendo poder e profundidade que adicionam uma camada de autenticidade à sua música.
Durante os espetáculos ao vivo, é possível sentir a sua ligação com o público desde a primeira nota.
Influenciada pelos seus ídolos dos anos 90 e armada apenas com a sua guitarra, cria um som único ao vivo. Puro e autêntico.
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Pontos de Venda: 18 20 (24h);; Lojas MEO; Lojas FNAC; Lojas WORTEN;; El Corte Inglés; ABEP; Bilheteira MEO Arena (em dias de evento na MEO Arena); Turismo de Lisboa; ACP; Lojas SaltPay; Campo Pequeno; IT Tabacarias; Turismo de Cascais; Multiusos de Guimarães; Altice Forum Braga





23 November 21h00
Show Duration 150 minutes
Minimum Age 6 years
Starting date for Ticket Sales 18-01-2024 17:15
Ending date for Ticket Sales 23-11-2024 23:30
Promoter Prime Artists, Unipessoal Lda

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