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20 DEC TO 30 DEC



This year Cirque du Soleil is returning to Lisbon, with the relaunch of the show OVO, one of the company's most thrilling and colourful shows is back. Featuring three new acts as well as new characters, this unique show will be at the Altice Arena from 20th to 30th December 2023. The tickets will be available this Friday at 10am, April 21st, at and at the usual locations.

Ovo - whose name curiously remains in both Portuguese and the Original - tells the story of a rushed race into an ecosystem filled with life and colour, where insects work, eat, crawl, play, fight and are even able to fall in love. All of those can be seen in a gigantic and magnificent energy turmoil, where the contrast between noise and silence is one of the main components that promise to amaze even the most skeptical of viewers.

In this animated universe life flows with all its intensity, until one day a mysterious Ovo appears among the insects. The surprise and curiosity for the iconic object becomes the perfect storyline for a unique tale to be unfold, which besides portraying the cycle of life in its most innate order, deals with the innocent love between a seductive ladybird and the clumsy insect that hatches from the unusual Ovo.

OVO is unfiltered nature. A fictional portrait full of imagination, light, sound and emotion, where each character takes on a role that is bound to transform the way we observe nature.

Sessions OVO | 20th to 30th December 2023
20th December 2023 - Wednesday - 9pm
21st December 2023 - Thursday - 9pm
22nd December 2023 - Friday - 5pm
23rd December 2023 - Saturday - 5pm / 9pm
25th December 2023 - Monday - 5.30pm
26th December 2023 - Tuesday - 9pm
27th December 2023 - Wednesday - 5pm
28th December 2023 - Thursday - 5pm
29th December 2023 - Friday - 9pm
30th December 2023 - Saturday - 9pm



From 39€ to 104€


20 December 21h00
21 December 21h00
22 December 17h00
23 December 17h00
23 December 21h00
25 December 17h30
26 December 21h00
27 December 17h00
28 December 17h00
29 December 17h00
29 December 21h00
30 December 17h00
30 December 21h00
Show Duration 120 minutes
Minimum Age 3 years
Starting date for Ticket Sales 03-02-2023 10:00
Ending date for Ticket Sales 30-12-2023 23:00
Promoter Everything Is New

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