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12 APR




The cancelling of this event is due to unforeseen circumstances, including logistic issues outside the control of the event organization, making the event impossible to take place at the moment. It is unavoidable. When organizing an event, we wish to ensure the highest quality above all. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and we would like to thank the fans, artists, sponsors and all the teams involved in the organization for their hard work.

Refunds shall be made automatically to the same means of payment as the purchase.


Crumbs is honored to present an event to the public for rock aficionados! Get ready for an extraordinary night, where we'll embark on a musical journey that embraces two tributes from rock's biggest icons: Korn and Foo Fighters!

To open this epic night, we have a phenomenal tribute band that pays tribute to the unmistakable Foo Fighters. Get ready for an explosion of energy and the unmistakable guitar riffs that have captivated us over the years.

Emotions will run high as this tribute band recreates the magic and authenticity of the Foo Fighters. From unforgettable classics like "Everlong" to the pulsating beats of "The Pretender," tonight will be a celebration of the legacy Foo Fighters left in rock history.

An event that promises to take all Foo Fighters and Korn fans on a unique journey through the universe of rock and nu-metal. We are about to experience an extraordinary experience with two incredible tribute bands, dedicated to honoring two of the most iconic bands in the music scene: Foo Fighters and Korn!

For lovers of unmistakable sound, powerful lyrics and striking stage presence, this night is for you. This tribute band is not just a musical group, but a passionate celebration of Korn's revolutionary influence on the world of music.

Over the course of the show, you will be transported back to the glory days of nu-metal, where Korn reigned supreme. Get ready to relive the classics that shaped a generation, from "Blind" to "Freak on a Leash." You will be taken on an emotional journey, remembering the moments that made Korn a legendary band.

Korn KS is not just here to reproduce the songs, but to capture the visceral essence and emotional intensity that made Korn so beloved. Get ready for a fusion of powerful sounds, hypnotic riffs and penetrating vocals that will make everyone feel the pulsating energy of nu-metal.

Let yourself be carried away by Korn's unmistakable music, performed with passion and mastery by this phenomenal tribute band. Get ready for a night that transcends time and takes us back to the glory days of nu-metal with unmatched intensity! Enjoy every moment of this unique experience and let yourself be enveloped by the power of sound that shaped an era!



From 25€ to 30€


12 April 20h00
Show Duration 180 minutes
Minimum Age 6 years
Starting date for Ticket Sales 05-01-2024 18:10
Ending date for Ticket Sales 12-04-2025 23:00
Promoter Crumbsevents


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